Satellite Office and Remote Access Solutions

The office environment is changing, the ability to work anywhere and anytime has eliminated employee downtime, but only if you give them access. We do VPN remote access that is simple, affordable, and reliable.

Access is no longer tied to a single home computer, we provide the ability to both access data and secure it, from anywhere in the world. This is accomplished by managing employee’s devices, whether they are cell phones or tablets, Apple or PC.

What would you do if a company device containing sensitive data was lost? A good provider would allow you to remotely wipe it, contact us to find out more.
  • Browser based SSL VPN for secure file access
  • Microsoft SharePoint for remote document management
  • Remote Desktop for accessing office computers while traveling
  • Web Access for E-mail, Calendars, & Contacts
  • Mobile Device management for protecting data across devices

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