December 6, 2016
Internet Outage

Internet Outage in Boston? Quick Tips to Get Your Business Back Online

Whether caused by a storm or technical blip, an internet outage means lost productivity and a big inconvenience. Take the right steps to reboot your business […]
December 2, 2016

Why Did I Get This Broken Email Account?

Broken Email Accounts and Other Internet Scams A broken email account happens… or does it? In recent years, email account owners have reported receiving messages such as, […]
November 15, 2016
F%B2_b7)O[ Our Top Picks for Random (Free) Password Generators

F%B2_b7)O[: Our Top Picks for Random (Free) Password Generators

Until the gateway to our devices is guarded with our own biometric information, we are stuck with passwords. Knowing how to make good passwords and changing them frequently is an effective way to protect your digital assets and information. Password generators are here to help.
November 7, 2016
Email Wars: What is the Best Option for Your Email Account

Email Wars: What is the Best Option for Your Email Account?

Your business email account is a premier communication tool. Consider your options if you are thinking about switching providers or choosing a new package for your organization. There is no shortage of providers offering hosted email accounts. The benefits of hosted email are similar to those of Cloud computing and include:
October 24, 2016
ddos attack down detector

Major DDoS Attack Impacts Eastern United States

If you were asking yourself on Friday morning, “why can’t I get onto Netflix, Amazon, or Twitter” – not to mention a host of other websites […]